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We'll find you the right physician, health coverage or trip insurance. Book appointments, explore the benefits that your insurance offers, get new coverage or manage your health in one app.

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No insurance? No problem

Consult with a physician online or use our directory to find an affordable care center.

Become a premium user and get access to discounts up to 70% on consultations, blood tests, Xrays and more. Our premium users can access all of our network of care centers, physicians and pharmacies with heavy discounts,


One app for all your healthcare needs

Get ready in no time... just like 1, 2 & 3.

Access to our
Worldwide network

Rene helps you find the right physicians wheter you are travelling, using insurance or out of pocket.

Rene for Doctors

Blockchain based


Our HIPAA compliant, award-winning electronic health records based on blockchain technology, allows doctors to safely store patient information. Patients will be able to share their Health records seamlessly between diferent countries.

New revenue streams

Join the platform.

Join Rene platform and offer your services to local and international patients. Engage in virtual consultations reducing dead time and maximizing your profits. Rene is being used worlwide by patients with a wide variety of health coverages as well as paying out of pocket.

The Rene network

Over 600.000 users

Patients from around the world use Rene to find doctors, book appointments and make online consultations. By joining Rene you will be showcasing your practice along with over 30.000 doctors that use our platform daily to attract more patients.

New feature

Connect with other doctors

Make interconsultations a breeze by connecting with other colleagues around the world. Since Rene is an international platform you can find physicians from all over the world and send them a request to join your network, then you will be able to share cases with them in order to help your patients more efficiently.

Skyrocket your sales

Rene for insurance

Reach your customers has never been this easy



We make enrolling to your health plans a breeze while reducing your aquisition costs.



We take care of retaining your affiliates by showcasing all the benefits you offer.



Falling behind a little bit with telemedicine? Don't worry you can use our HIPAA platform and offer this service to your affiliates.


Travel Insurance

Do you sell travel insurance? Our app will offer users the posibility to insure their trips automatically with our calendar integration.


Rene for companies

Most affordable health plan on earth

Give your employees 50% discount on prescriptions, unlimited online consultations, electronic health certifcates, discounts in consultations and more thanks to our unique partnership with Vittal Insurance with plans starting from $20/mo per user..